Other countries love ’em, but we’re hardly a nation of fungi connoisseurs. Indeed, mushrooms are a rare treat in our household – I’m the only one who can stand them. Like anything you seldom get, they become a special, even a guilty pleasure.

Setting aside the rarer varieties, the secret of making something of ordinary mushrooms (in my humble opinion) is to cook them twice.

This simple dish of rocket, Parmesan and mushrooms was to die for:

First fry the mushrooms fairly gently with a knob of butter, some chilli flakes and a little olive oil – until they release their liquor, then let them sit with the heat off for 10 mins.

Meanwhile toss some rocket with a glug of olive oil, a sprinkle of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon. With a potato peeler add some Parmesan shavings.

Give the mushrooms some heat to bring them to perfection, and just as they are are sizzling add in a little chopped garlic. 30 seconds more in the hot pan and straight onto the rocket and Parmesan.


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