The great thing with ‘relevant complexity’ is it gives you a – delete as applicable [fruit machine|Rolodex|baseball card|show me yours and I’ll show you mine] route to good conversations, with the strangest of strangers.

The key is to keep trying your different subjects:

Football? “Don’t like it much.”

Err, music? “I like most things really.”

Art? “Not that bothered.”

Mmm, novels? “I prefer non-fiction.”

Ooh my ailments are aching? “Ooh yes, mine too” and we’re off with science – at least of the medical kind.

It’s that simple really, if you have an adequate range of subjects on which you have varying degrees of ‘relevant complexity’, there’s always a fighting chance you’ll find a match. A closet Rum aficionado, a surprise French speaker, a chef or philosopher or current affairs junkie or lover of something quirky, important or at least half-interesting.

The secret is to spin your reels/Rolodex and not be discouraged when “footie” or “cars” or “kids” or other reliable conversational ‘standards’ don’t spark the collective synapses.

There is ‘relevant complexity’ in almost everyone – it just needs seeking and finding.

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